Sharing a smile….

So, who is this Samual Shazam character and why is he leading a smile revolution?

Well, our good friend Shazam is the yellow guy below and he loves to get out and share some smiles by getting into a bit of shenanigans whenever he can!!  The idea started a few years ago when we found out that you can change the mood of someone who was having a bad day by simply giving them a little yellow smiley guy and then going on your merry way.

The receiver normally didnt know what had just happened, though now they’re standing there with a little yellow guy smiling at them trying to figure out what happened.  This inevitability led to a bit of grin, which would help pave the way to a full blown smile!!!  Honest, we tried this out with people of all types from grumpy clerks to overworked waiters and waitresses and the same thing happened – they couldn’t help but get some amusement out of it!!!

And of course we didn’t limit ourselves to the non smiley people, we started giving out the little yellow guy to everyone and from here – Samuel Shazam and his Smile Revolution was created!!  A Smile Revolution has released over a 1000 little smiles into the world and Shazam has friends around the globe!!!  We encourage everyone we meet to friend Shazam on facebook on share some photos with him enjoying an adventure!!!

A Smile Revolution is only in it’s infancy and we look forward to giving away thousands and thousands of Shazams along with providing everyone a smart phone app to easily upload photos of his smiles and to keep connected in a community of smiles!!!  We’re also working on some t-shirts to help spread the word and we’re confident within the next 10 years “A Smile Revolution” will be providing scholarships for our youth to get out and adventure so they can see more of the world and learn about smiles around the world!!!

This is only the beginning and it’s going to get a lot more interesting from here….




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