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Check out my new theme song!!!!

Check out my new theme song!!!!  

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Thank you for all of the Birthday Wishes!!!!

Wow – It’s a great day to be a little yellow guy spreading smiles around the world!!!  First off, thank you for all of the smiles today on my birthday!!  You guys are amazing… It’s a amazing past year with lot’s of shenanigans, weddings and of course – smiles!!!  I’ve made so many new friends […]

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The little yellow guy – Samuel Shazam….

So, who is that little yellow guy that’s always following you around??  Well, that’s Samuel Shazam, who’s looking to start “A Smile Revolution” one smile at a time!!!  Shazam loves to go on adventures and make the best of the situation.  He’s always looking to try new things and go to new places so that […]

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Sharing a smile….

So, who is this Samual Shazam character and why is he leading a smile revolution? Well, our good friend Shazam is the yellow guy below and he loves to get out and share some smiles by getting into a bit of shenanigans whenever he can!!  The idea started a few years ago when we found […]

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Adventures with Shazam

  Shazam is always looking for an adventure and he certainly found it this past weekend while he was on the slopes!!!

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  Hello, my name is Samuel Shazam, And what an adventurer I am, I can put smile on your face, As I travel from place to place, To see the crazy things I’ve done……for some photos & fun!  

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Upcoming Events

NJ Firefighter Ski Race.

Feb 10th, 2012

Polar Bear Plunge.

Feb 25th, 2012

Naughty Easter Egg Hunt.

April, 2012

Latest News

Shazam's Birthday

January 16, 2012

Shazam wants to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and here's a video of some of adventures this year!!

Shazam welcomes the snow!!

February 2, 2012

Shazam decided to brave the snow and have some fun!! Check out his video...